photo This company has added Advanced Digital Compensation (ADC) color compensation to its Coulter Epics XL and XL-MCL flow cytometry systems.
      ADC’s highly developed color compensation algorithm corrects spectral overlap, leading to more accurate test results. With this technology, labs can use the broad spectrum of biological samples for automated color compensation without the limitations of latex beads.
     The systems with ADC feature a single, air-cooled laser with automated compensation algorithm, which can make four-color analysis less complicated.
     The systems also provide intuitive compensation with a QuickComp feature for researchers who prefer to set compensation manually; automated color compensation setup for two-, three-, and four-color analysis through the CompWizard; easy-to-interpret plot displays and enhanced distribution data with Realtime Color Dot Density Plots; flexibility in data analysis with multiple plot resolutions; and simpler production of posters and publication-ready text with improved plot labeling.
     Research labs can increase efficiency by combining this company’s PrepPlus and TQ-Prep workstation with the Epics XL or XL-MCL flow cytometer with ADC. The PrepPlus and the TQ-Prep provide automated prepping and lysing of whole blood samples. Together, the three instruments provide a comprehensive flow cytometry solution from sample preparation to results reporting.
Beckman Coulter
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