DiaSorin has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its LIAISON® Cytomegalovirus assays, including CMV IgG and CMV IgM. The assays are used on LIAISON chemiluminescent analyzers in hospital and clinical reference laboratories nationwide.
     DiaSorin has more than 25 years of expertise in infectious disease and blood-virus diagnostics. “We are excited to have these new automated methods for CMV testing to add to our lines of bone and mineral and infectious disease testing,” says Stephen P. Gouze, president and general manager of DiaSorin Inc. “LIAISON offers Cytomegalovirus assays on an automated, random-access chemiluminescent platform, providing physicians with consistent and reliable results. Patients will benefit from rapid results (35–45 minutes to first result) and world-class assay reliability of the LIAISON system. Laboratories will benefit from high throughput (up to 90 results per hour) and complete walk-away automation.”
     This year, DiaSorin also launched three LIAISON Epstein-Barr Virus assays in the United States, including VCA IgM, VCA IgG, and EBNA IgG. More than 1,200 LIAISON systems are in use worldwide with a menu of more than 50 diagnostic tests, including bone and mineral, infectious disease, autoimmune, oncology, and hepatitis assays. DiaSorin will add these and other assays in the United States as FDA clearance is received.

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