productCELL-VU CBC is a disposable safety hemacytometer for use with all manual cell-counting procedures, including CSF, sperm, urine, and blood for complete blood counts (CBC). The disposable safety CELL-VU CBC consists of a specially designed glass slide and two coverslips. Each coverslip is reverse laser etched, resulting in a bold, easy-to-view grid area. The 3- x 3-mm grid is a modified pattern of the Neubauer Ruling, divided into nine 1- x 1-mm counting areas. The main counting areas are subdivided to accommodate the quantitation of specific cell types. Each CELL-VU slide is dual-chambered, providing for two determinations per sample, or two samples per slide. The printed 0.50 µL Cell-VU surface creates 20-µL-deep chambers, producing a monolayer of cells for accurate counting. The disposability feature of CELL-VU eliminates cleaning, reduces technologist time, and improves technologist safety by minimizing exposure to potentially infectious body fluids in compliance with OSHA bloodborne pathogen standards.

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