productThe SYNCHRON LX20 PRO chemistry analyzer with closed-tube sampling (CTS) capability and a highly sensitive detection system is designed for mid- to high-volume laboratories. The SYNCHRON LX20 PRO features proprietary CTS technology that helps laboratories increase productivity, as well as lower overall costs by reducing sample-processing time. The analyzer also helps improve workplace safety by reducing operator exposure to biohazards and repetitive-motion injuries.
     The SYNCHRON LX20 PRO features a sensitive, near-infrared particle immunoassay detection system, which provides laboratories with increased test-menu options, including Beckman Coulter’s high-sensitivity C-reactive protein assay. The complete SYNCHRON LX20 PRO test menu includes more than 100 reagents comprising general chemistries, critical-care chemistries, proteins, serologies, and esoteric chemistries, as well as therapeutic drug monitoring, and drugs-of-abuse testing reagents. The system is capable of running 1,440 tests per hour and can analyze 11 chemistries, such as albumin, BUN (blood urea nitrogen), calcium ISE, carbon dioxide, chloride, creatinine, glucose, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and total protein, in just 42 seconds.

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