This company has introduced a disposable, self-contained soap system that includes the dispenser and soap in one unit. As soap is depleted, maintenance professionals discard the unit, which is recyclable, and install a new one.
     The system is made of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and offers sleek curved styling. It is available in white or black.
     The system requires no dispenser investment, lease agreement or repairs. The unit installs simply into easy-to-mount brackets. It does not leak, clog or drip soap. A see-through back widow helps maintenance staff see when it is time to change the unit, minimizing soap waste and improving cost-in-use.
     The new system is available in 2.5 L dispensers. These dispensers hold more than three times the capacity of an 800 mL system, resulting in fewer run-outs and refills for maintenance.
Kimberly Clark
Keywords: supplies