A new 150x, 1.45 NA oil objective by Olympus America Inc offers outstanding light transmission for total internal reflectance fluorescence (TIRF) research microscopy over an unprecedented range of the spectrum from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared. The high-NA Olympus U Apochromat 150X TIRF objective enables easy TIRF observation using a standard cover glass and standard immersion oil. The objective is unique in that it is the only one currently available that offers high UV transmission down to 330 nm and a high numerical aperture, making it possible to perform TIRF microscopy and UV applications such as uncaging and/or photo-activation with just one lens. Additionally, the objective offers IR transmission well beyond 1,000 nm, making it well-suited to IR fluorescence imaging and IR laser applications, and opening up the potential for live-cell microscopy and future applications in the growing IR microscopy field. The objective’s high magnification enhances small-specimen structures on the CCD camera, thus overcoming the resolution limit of the CCD’s pixel size in that it does not add either the light loss or potential for aberrations that additional magnification optics can cause.

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