A portable, 12-channel capillary electrophoresis instrument, the HDA-GT12 is equipped with a disposable cartridge for rapid DNA separation and detection. Light-emitting diodes result in low noise and potential direct modulation of intensity. These small solid-state excitation light sources facilitate the miniaturization of the detection optics. Using a time-staggered detection approach by multiplexing multiple LEDs reduces the number of detectors for multichannel detection. The instrument also features a simplified optical detection system and stable chemistry in the cartridge, which can produce more than 100 runs without any significant degradation.
     To operate the instrument, users insert a cartridge, load a sample tray, and hit the “start” button. It can provide 12 test results in 10 minutes or accommodate 96 samples for non-stop, automated analysis in 1.3 hours.
BioCal Technology