JCE Editor is the tool we will use to add articles into the Allied Websites.  The icons and tools will hopefully be similar enough to other word processing programs to be easy to use.

Starting with first row, left to right:

Screen shot 2012-08-17 at 4.26.33 PM

Print | Preview | Toggle Fullscreen Mode | Cut | Copy | Paste | Undo | Redo | Find | Find/Replace | Table Tools

Tips and Tricks:

Paste:  There are two ways to paste information into your article.  The first is to use the right click (or keyboard shortcut) for copy and paste.  The second is to use the Clipboard icon above.  You can copy documents from Word, and even small tables from Excel using the copy and paste.

The Second row of icons is the following:

Text Styles | Text Alignment | Text Indent | Lists | Spellcheck | Read More/Page Break | Show Formatting | Blockquote/Special Characters | Remove Formatting | Horizontal Rule

Tips and Tricks:

Spellcheck: Click the spellcheck button and the misspelled words will be underlined.  Do a regular click on the word for spelling suggestions.

 The Text Styles drop down box (that says Paragraph) will lets you quickly set your headlines, sub-headers, and even addresses.

Heading 1

Heading 2



The Third row of icons is the following:


Text Formattting Tools | Text Color Tools | Code View | Add a Web Link/Remove a Link/Add an Archor | Add an Image/Link to a file/Link to Media | Templates | Auto save

Tips and Tricks:

Autosave: Autosave is enabled for articles.  If you have lost part of your data, clicking on the little timer icon can be a big help getting it back.

Want to go to the next line without starting a new paragraph?  Hold the Shift key, and press enter/return.