COY O2 Control Glove Box

Tissue culture and imaging in controlled environment

Coy Laboratory Products Inc, Grass Lake, Mich, introduces the COY® O2 control glove box, which helps streamline life science laboratory operations by enabling researchers to harvest, culture, isolate, maintain, and image cells while controlling temperature, humidity, CO2, and O2. The box’s design eliminates experimental error due to environmental disruption as the workspace and microscope are in the same environment, meaning cultures can go directly from incubation to the microscope. The user’s microscope sits outside the incubation box, yet inside the glove box, in a noncondensing environment. A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the system to create a noncondensing environment, and the humidified incubation box within the glove box is saturated with the same temperature, O2, and CO2 present in the rest of the box.

Coy Laboratory Products Inc
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Dual Camera Module

For AxioVision image analysis software

The Dual Camera module for the AxioVision image analysis software, from Carl Zeiss, Thornwood, NY, provides the capability to simultaneously acquire images with two cameras within nanoseconds. The camera parameters such as exposure time or contrast can be set independently, and Dual Camera applications are comprised of two identical cameras with adapter, suitable filters, and a software module. Capturing biological sample images with two different wavelengths in two channels permits the measurement of emission ratio imaging (Indo-1), fast FRET (Förster Resonance Energy Transfer) examinations, and the imaging of cellular transport processes in cell cultures, tissues, or organisms. Additionally, the camera eliminates the need to mechanically change filters or to use emission filter wheels to visualize two dyes.

Carl Zeiss
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Adventurer Pro Electronic Balances

New frameless, flip-top draftshield

OHAUS Corp, Pine Brook, NJ, offers a new range of electronic balances for its Adventurer™ Pro line. The new scales feature a new frameless, flip-top draftshield designed to eliminate the need for top rails. SmarText™ balance software utilizes text prompts to guide users through application use and setup. Delivered through a two-line backlit LCD and clearly marked buttons, the software tells users what is happening and what to do next. Multiple application modes include enhanced parts counting, animal/dynamic weighing, checkweighing, percentage weighing, totalization, and display hold. The balances offer six application modes and can perform in 17 weighing units. The line offers capacities ranging from 51 x 0.001 grams to 8,100 x 0.1 grams.

(973) 377-9000

-20°C Sample Access Manager (SAM)

Cold storage system

Hamilton Storage Technologies, Hopkinton, Mass, introduces the automated -20°C Sample Access Manager (SAM) cold storage system for compounds and biological samples. The device ensures sample integrity by maintaining a precise storage environment at user-determined levels, between +20°C and -40°C. The system features low throughput, cherry picking, sample format flexibility, sample tracking, and a compact footprint. The SAM’s sample tracking software provides an audit trail and complete chain of custody documentation for regulated environments. It can use microplates or a variety of tube sizes, and it is ideal for the storage of nucleic acids, tissues, proteins, and compounds.

Hamilton Storage Technologies
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CB 53 Incubator

Features a compact footprint

The CB 53 Incubator from Binder Inc, Great River, NY, features a 1.9-cubic-foot capacity in a highly compact footprint to help reduce operating costs and conserve space. Hot-air chamber sterilization at 180°C makes the incubator well suited for applications in cell and tissue culture, as well as for use in in-vitro fertilization labs. CO2/air mixture is injected into the inner chamber through a cross-flow mixing valve and distributed homogenously. An infrared sensor selectively measures CO2 concentration in real time, and a microprocessor controls temperature and CO2 concentration. The standard model includes an automatic self-diagnostic system with visual and audible alarm functions, and dry contacts for continuous central monitoring of CO2 concentration.

Binder Inc
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