NB Series Mobile Workstations

Battery-powered work carts
NB Series mobile powered workstations from Newcastle Systems, Woburn, Mass, consist of patented, ergonomic carts that can carry computers, printers, scales, bar code scanners, and other small electronic equipment around for greater mobility. An onboard battery can power up to four devices simultaneously for up to 10 hours of normal use. Each cart comes with adjustable shelves, which hold up to 75 pounds each. The workstations measure 42 inches high with a total 24- x 26-inch footprint. Workstations are available in five models with a range of rechargeable power packages from a 40 AH battery, 350-watt inverter, and 10-amp charger up to a 200 AH battery, 1,250-watt inverter, and 30-amp charger. A nonpowered model is also available.

Newcastle Systems
(781) 935-3450

TR-74Ui Four-Parameter Data Logger

Stores up to 32,000 readings
The TR-74Ui Illuminance UV recorder, from, TandD Corp, Saratoga Springs, NY, simultaneously measures and records four parameters: Illuminance, ultraviolet light (UV), temperature, and humidity. The UV recorder can also display cumulative illuminance and cumulative amount of ultraviolet light in the LCD display. The wide luminosity range covers 0 to 130k lx and low-light resolution to 0.01 lx; the UV range covers 0 to 30 mw/cm2. Internal accumulation of exposure is for both light and UV. The TR-74Ui has a wide range from 10% to 99% relative humidity, along with an expanded temperature range from 0°C to +55°C. The lightweight unit measures approximately 2 x 3 inches and operates on one AA battery. It features a large data capacity that can store up to 32,000 readings in either one-time or endless recording modes.

TandD Corp
(518) 669-9227

Undercounter Freezer

Features programmable defrost times
HELMER, Noblesville, Ind, has launched new i.Series® and Horizon Series™ Undercounter Freezers. The units can be placed under the counter, used freestanding, or stacked. They feature programmable defrost times and a bacteria-resistant powder coating. i.Series models include the i.Center® Monitoring System, and Horizon Series models include a basic alarm package built into the door. The freezers have an interior volume of 5 cubic feet with a standard configuration of two shelves (laboratory/pharmacy models) or two drawers (blood bank). Options include swivel casters, rollout baskets, and a stainless steel interior/exterior. Laboratory/pharmacy and plasma models are available.

(800) 743-5637

Biosafety Cabinets

Feature IntelliFlow airflow sensor technology
LabGard™ ES and CellGard™ ES Class II biological safety cabinets, from NuAire, Plymouth, Minn, utilize IntelliFlow™ airflow sensor technology through the use of the TouchLink™ electronic control system. The airflow sensor incorporates the same thermal anemometer technology used by service technicians (certifiers) to annually verify biological airflow performance in safety cabinets. The system works by being first calibrated by the certifier; airflow is then controlled and maintained via the electronic control system through the use of thermal anemometer airflow sensors (manufactured by TSI Inc™). Airflow sensors are strategically placed under the supply filter and over the exhaust filter to measure airflow in real time.

NuAire Inc
(800) 328-3352

Water Purification Systems

Use independently or with an integrated system
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Milford, Mass, introduces a range of flexible water purification systems that can be used independently or as part of an integrated water system. The company offers a product line for each water type: Ultrapure water (Type 1 for highly sensitive, critical applications), pure water (Type 2 for general laboratory applications), and reverse osmosis water, as well as cartridge and filter systems. The equipment can be configured to benefit a broad range of laboratories.

Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 553-0039