Voyager Pro Analytical

Simplifies complex measurements

OHAUS Corp, Pine Brook, NJ, introduces its Voyager® Pro Analytical and Precision Balances, which simplify complex measurements to provide fast, repeatable results. The balances can measure the difference between initial and residual weights, as well as calculate the density of solids and liquids, and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual calculations and data logging. To minimize weighing errors, the balance’s AutoCal™ standard feature automatically adjusts the balance when it senses a temperature change significant enough to affect the weighing accuracy.

(973) 377-9000

CC-80 and CC-81 UV Viewing systems

Tailor-made UV viewing systems

The Spectroline® CC-80 and CC-81 ultraviolet viewing systems, from Spectronics Corp, Westbury, NY, provide unequaled fluorescence analysis and no-wait photo-documentation of research findings. Users can select from eight snap-on camera adapters so the systems can be used with any 35-mm SLR camera or with any of seven different Polaroid cameras. Researchers can custom design their own photo-documentation systems by choosing from a wide range of UV lamps that are available in 254-, 312-, and 365-nm wavelengths. Both the CC-80 and CC-81 have built-in white light sources that provide visible illumination for easy preparation of samples. Each cabinet accepts standard electrophoresis gels and up to two 8- x 8-inch TLC plates. The CC-81 comes equipped with a high-intensity Spectroline long wave/short wave UV lamp.

Spectronics Corp
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PharmaGard Isolators

Help maximize compounding accuracy

The PharmaGard™ series of Compounding Aseptic and Containment isolators, from NuAire, Plymouth, Minn, have recently been updated with several key ergonomic features. Engineered upgrades to the sharps and waste system utilize individual pull-down-and-out trays, which allow users to independently change each sharps and waste container as it fills. Located under the work zone, the pull-down-and-out feature repositions the container closer to the user, requiring less effort when changing. When replacing containers, the locking mechanism helps create an airtight seal, maintaining an ISO Class 5 environment. A vertical sliding counter balance interchamber window creates a seamless transition when entering compounding materials into the work zone. Other key ergonomic features include an auto-lift basestand, oversized oval glove ports, cool white lighting, and three IV bar locations.

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CytoGROWCell culture CO2 Incubator

The CytoGROW™ GLP series cell culture CO2 incubator, from SANYO Biomedical Solutions, Wood Dale, Ill, is designed to establish and maintain a critical temperature, CO2, and elevated humidity environment essential for optimum cell culturing. It features exclusive SANYO inCu saFe™ copper-enriched stainless steel interiors, which provide constant germicidal protection against contamination. Patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket™ technologies achieve accurate temperature control and optional SafeCell™ UV minimizes interruptions for decontamination.

SANYO Biomedical Solutions
(800) 858-8442

Undercounter Freezer

Features programmable defrost times

HELMER, Noblesville, Ind, has launched new i.Series® and Horizon Series™ Undercounter Freezers. The units can be placed under the counter, used freestanding, or stacked. They feature programmable defrost times and a bacteria-resistant powder coating. i.Series models include the i.Center® Monitoring System, and Horizon Series models include a basic alarm package built into the door. The freezers have an interior volume of 5 cubic feet with a standard configuration of two shelves (laboratory/pharmacy models) or two drawers (blood bank). Options include swivel casters, rollout baskets, and a stainless steel interior/exterior. Laboratory/pharmacy and plasma models are available.

(800) 743-5637

BacBASIC Anaerobic Chamber

Ideal for environmental and incubation work

Sheldon Manufacturing, Cornelius, Ore, releases its new BacBASIC Anaerobic Chamber, which provides barehanded access for delicate procedures without compromising the required desired hypoxic atmosphere. Ergonomically designed Quick-Entry Glove-Less arm ports provide both reach and comfort. It measures 32.5 inches wide, 19.5 inches deep, and 22 inches high for a storage capacity up to 150 petri dishes. A user-friendly LCD control panel offers a temperature range from ambient to 45°C.

Sheldon Manufacturing Inc
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