Syringe Pump Delivery System
Optimized to provide precise injections

The PHD ULTRA Syringe Pump drug and cell delivery system from Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, has been optimized to provide precise injections of low nanoliter to microliter volumes of cells and drugs that must be delivered to specific spatial locations. The PHD ULTRA Nanomite features foot-pedal activation for hands-free injections. The high-resolution LCD touch screen and icon interface allows users to create and run simple to complex methods without a PC. This enables new and existing operators to easily retrieve and run any pre-defined delivery method, greatly enhancing injection repeatability and reducing the likelihood of user error. Though designed for fast bolus infusions, the PHD ULTRA Nanomite can easily deliver from low-nanoliter up to tens of mL/min injections with unmatched performance, particularly when combined with Harvard Apparatus micro needles as small as 37 gauge. The PHD ULTRA has flow ramping capability for superior continuous volume injections into organs, muscle tissue, cells, and neurons with minimal physiological impact.

Harvard Apparatus
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Dual-Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller
Automatic control of two Peltier devices

Warner Instruments, Hamden, Conn, a designer and manufacturer of biomedical devices for the electrophysiological, cellular, and neurological sciences, introduces its CL-200 Dual Channel Bipolar Temperature Controller for automatic control of two Peltier devices. Accurately maintaining temperatures between -6° and 65°C with a single control, this model features a feedback thermistor switch that allows the user to select which thermistor is used for feedback control. Built-in protection for Peltier devices prevents overheating or freezing, while a low-noise power source makes the CL-200 ideal for sensitive electrophysiology applications. The CL-200 supplies 75 watts of power to each channel and is designed to control any Warner Instruments Peltier-driven temperature control devices.

Warner Instruments
(800) 599-4203

New Additions to SNAP XL Flash Purification Family
750g-, 1,500g-size cartridges released

Biotage, Uppsala, Sweden (US offices in Charlotte, NC), a leading supplier of tools and technology for analytical and medicinal chemistry, has announced two additions to its SNAP XL family of cartridges for large-scale and development purification. Released in both 750g and 1,500g sizes, the new cartridges offer powerful solutions for reverse phase chromatography and also optimized silica for the separation of amines. The two new cartridge sizes address a growing need for 100g+ scale purifications and offer chemists increased efficiency while reducing running costs. Additionally, the application of reverse-phase flash chromatography and the separation of amines are growing trends in pharmaceutical drug development.

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Full Stroke PTFE Diaphragms
Increased flow and suction performance

Wilden Pump and Engineering Company, Grand Terrace, Calif, announces it will be introducing its new Full Stroke PTFE (Teflon) Diaphragms for use on all of its standard-setting AODD pump lines at INTERPHEX 2011, March 29-31 in New York City. Wilden’s Full Stroke PTFE provides considerable suction capability along with increased flow and suction performance. The PTFE diaphragm is designed to withstand common steam sterilization temperatures and fully complies with FDA material compatibility requirements. Wilden’s Full Stroke PTFE diaphragm also meets requirements for USP Class VI certification in critical biopharmaceutical applications. Wilden will also be featuring its Hygienic Series (HS) pumps, which offer high flow rates (230 gpm) and ultrapure/cleanable design for biopharmaceutical processes. These pumps are specifically designed to overcome difficult applications that require negative suction lift or self-priming, and offer compatibility and full containment of hazardous chemicals.

Wilden Pump and Engineering Company
(909) 422-1730

i.C3 Monitoring System
Standard on all HELMER i.Series products

HELMER, Noblesville, Ind, has introduced its new i.C3 monitoring system, standard on all i.Series products. The i.C3 offers constant temperature monitoring, event acknowledgment, and multiple information logs with historical information that can be downloaded and saved for audits. Icon driven and featuring a 7-inch full-color door-mounted touch screen, the i.C3 system offers an interactive temperature graph, home screen customization, password protection, and download capabilities. The i.C3 is modular, and options can be added. i.D Integrated Electronic Access Control is currently available.

(800) 743-5637

Coated 96-Well Plates

Ready-to use coated plates for all your research needs

G-Biosciences, St Louis, offers a large selection of coated 96-well plates known as Well-Coated plates. Supplied preblocked in the company’s Superior Blocking Buffer and available in clear, white, or black polystyrene, Well-Coated plates are suitable for colorimetric, chemiluminescence and fluorescent detection systems, and are offered with a variety of coatings, including: Protein A, Protein G, Protein A/G, Protein L Neutravidin, Streptavidin and Biotin, Nickel and Glutathione, as well as activated plates for binding proteins and other molecules through amine or sulfhydryl residues. Well-Coated plates are supplied as single 96-well plates or as 12 x 8-well strips in a 96-well holder.

(314) 991-6034

Microbarb Connectors
Provide a low-carryover connection

Custom fluid path specialist Diba Industries, Danbury, Conn, featured its fluid-handling components at the 2011 Pittcon Conference and Expo in Atlanta recently. Among the products on display were Diba’s Microbarb connectors, Click-N-Seal Ultra, Bubble Trap, and PEEK chromatography columns. Diba’s chemically inert Microbarb connectors provide a low-carryover connection between flexible pump tubing and semirigid fluoropolymer tubing. The connectors can withstand high temperatures and pressures while ensuring a secure fit that guards against leaks.

Diba Industries
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