Beckman Coulter Inc has expanded the anemia menu on its Access family of immunoassay systems with the release of a test for intrinsic factor antibodies (Ab). The new test aids in the diagnosis of pernicious anemia. The intrinsic factor Ab assay gives mid- to large-volume hospitals and reference laboratories the ability to produce rapid, accurate results for the differential diagnosis of pernicious anemia, which is characterized by megaloblastic anemia, neuropathy, and gastritis with intrinsic factor autoantibodies.

The new test can be performed on serum or heparinized plasma, and requires a sample volume of 55 µL. The liquid, ready-to-use reagent features total imprecision of less than 8% of the coefficient of variation (CV) across the assay range. Time to first result is less than 35 minutes. The assay provides 14-day calibration stability and 56-day open-pack stability.

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