pn01.jpg (11076 bytes)Three products in the Camco® 400 series—Camco Wright Stain, Fixative, and Wright Stain Buffer pH 7.15—combine to create a five-step process that allows for color-true staining of blood smears. Camco Wright Stain is a highly refined, modified, and purified alcoholic solution. It is designed to eliminate too-blue slides and make analysis of the smear easier. Camco Fixative is used to set the blood smears as the first step in the five-step process, and Camco Wright Stain Buffer helps develop a correct, clear nuclear color scheme.
     Camco Wright Stain [400] and Camco Wright Stain Fixative [401] are available in one-gallon containers. Camco Buffer pH 7.15 [402] is available in a box of ten 4.4-g vials, which is enough to make up to 10 individual gallons of buffer solution.
Cambridge Diagnostic Products Inc