Nichipet EX

Digital micropipette

A general-purpose digital micro pipette with a comfortable grip featuring an enlarged finger rest that is completely autoclavable is being introduced by of Canton, Mass. The Nichipet EX Autoclavable Digital Micro Pipette is designed to provide fatigue-free operation and features an enlarged finger rest, easy-to-use digital counter for setting the sample volume, and a push-button extractor. Suitable for liquid handling on a clean bench, this pipette is UV-resistant and offered in eight sizes for sampling volumes from 0.1 µl to 10.0 ml each. Designed to be unaffected by hand temperature, the device is constructed with PTFE in the airtight chamber, provides reproducible results, and comes with 1.0 ml, 5.0 ml, and 10.0 ml filtered nozzles. Utilizing disposable tips, color-coded to indicate capacity, it has a tip ejector for rapid removal without touching by hand.

Mass and Measurement Precision Lab Supplies
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Kangaroo Thermometer

Small and accurate

Control Company, Friendswood, Tex, makes the Traceable Kangaroo Thermometer, which carries the 42-inch probe cable in a reel-compartment pouch inside the case of the unit. The portable thermometer fits in a shirt pocket, or can be used with the built-in stand with a bench footprint of only 4.5 square inches. Intuitive operation allows every user to record identical results. Range is -58.0 to 572°F with a resolution of 0.1° (from -19.9 to 199.9) otherwise 1°. The unit automatically captures and recalls minimum and maximum temperature readings over any time period. The high and low alarm can be programmed in 1° increments and the alarm sounds every minute until temperature returns to nonalarm condition. Hold button freezes the display to record a current reading. Stainless steel probe (0.14 inch diameter x 7 1/2 inch length) is resistant to most chemicals.

Control Company
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KS-0050 Digital Refractometer

Measures urine-specific gravity and serum protein

Kernco Instruments Co Inc, El Paso, Tex, has introduced its battery-operated Model KS-0050 digital refractometer, designed to read accurate measurement of urine-specific gravity and serum protein for use in hospitals. The unit is hand held, weighing only 4.8 ounces, and measures a compact 4 5/8 inches x 2 3/8 inches x 2 3/8 inches. Simply place a drop or two of solution in the prism well, press the read button and within 1 second the value is displayed. As small, light, and simple to use as optical refractometers but with a digital readout (0.75” LCD display) to eliminate misreadings that can occur with the optical refractometer.

Kernco Instruments Co Inc
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Manual and Electronic Pipettes

Adustable volumes

Sarstedt Inc, Newton, NC, has introduced a comprehensive range of Sarpette M manual and Sarpette E electronic pipettes in single, 8-, and 12-channel configurations. The manual pipettes feature adjustable volumes from either the dispenser button or thumbwheel. The pipettes are lightweight and well-balanced, and require low dispensing and tip ejection forces. Multichannel options feature a curved ejector bar and an individual shaft suspension system to further reduce hand strain. The electronic pipettes are controlled by a high-precision motor and microprocessor. Practical, user-friendly operation modes include various mixing, multiple dispensing, and sequential aspirating/dispensing options as well as five speeds and nine memory programs. The electronic version features a large, angled LCD display; a lightweight, ergonomic design; and a long-lasting rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Sarstedt Inc
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FX-i Balances

Smaller footprint

A&D Weighing, San Jose, Calif, has launched the new FX-i series of compact precision balances. A&D engineers designed a precision balance with a 25% smaller footprint than its popular GF series. The company had already provided breakthrough technology with the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS), which combines the precision of a force restoration motor with the quick response time of a load cell. The key challenge was to reduce the size of the SHS in order to fit within the smaller configuration. Through the development of the unique Double Lever Mechanism, A&D was able to reduce the volume of the SHS by 50% while still meeting stringent performance criteria. An additional benefit of the Compact SHS is that it consumes half the current of the full-size model, allowing an optional battery to last up to 8 hours on a single charge.

A&D Weighing
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