pn01.jpg (11076 bytes)Freelite™ Free Kappa and Lambda serum light chain assays have been FDA–cleared as an aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with systemic amyloidosis. Many amyloid patients show no monoclonal protein by conventional protein electrophoresis or the band is too small to be quantified by scanning densitometry, making diagnosis and monitoring of treatment difficult or impossible.
    In a retrospective study of 262 amyloid patients, serum free light chain levels were measured using Freelite assays and were shown to be outside the normal range in 98% of patients. In contrast, only 3% of the patients had sufficient concentrations of monoclonal free light chains to be quantitated by electrophoresis. Freelite assays are fully quantitative, automated, and available on a range of nephelometric and turbidimetric analyzers.
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