A government research agency has selected Nexxis iLAB from Labtronics as a cost-effective, yet powerful solution, that will eliminate the inefficiencies of their manual, paper-based systems for laboratory data capture and storage and will help them to achieve ISO 17025 accreditation.

Nexxis iLAB gives the laboratory a full suite of integrated applications that provide secure electronic management of laboratory data and procedures throughout the sample life cycle.

By using Nexxis iLAB, the agency will eliminate multiple levels of manual data recording in the laboratory, thereby reducing errors and the amount of time spent on data review. The level of automation, control and documentation provided within Nexxis iLAB, along with the security and audit trail components, will provide them with an electronic quality system that is fully aligned with ISO 17025 compliance requirements.

Dana Miller, Senior Account Manager at Labtronics, describes the implementation plan as follows, "Phase 1 of the implementation will see an automated process created to log samples into Nexxis ST (Sample Tracker) where the samples will be assigned to tests or test groups and test results will be recorded in a database. The laboratory will use Nexxis ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) with ReDI technology to quickly replace the paper worksheets that they use to record test results with electronic forms that can be assigned, completed, reviewed and approved on-line.

Other Nexxis iLAB components including LimsLink, Nexxis CIM and Nexxis CAL will then be introduced to manage more complex instrument data and to provide control over chemical inventory management and Instrument calibration procedures.
The laboratory will benefit from reduced manual activity, increased control over laboratory procedures and better, faster access to their data."