GG&B Co has received a patent for the process that will allow the automated staining and decolorization of biological material. This proprietary technology, AGS, enables the lab to fully automate the gram stainer process. Each slide is automatically calibrated, stained, decolorized, and counter-stained in 3 to 5 minutes.
     The electro-optical hands-free process automatically adjusts for sample thickness, has individual preference controls for color intensity, is operator-friendly, and has an automatic cleaning cycle. AGS has internal diagnostic software for recording all tests, it can be updated or modified via the Internet, and it is small enough to fit on any lab countertop. Daily maintenance is not required.
     Other features include a soft-touch keypad, an adjustable sleep mode for energy efficiency, consistency for all bacteria samples, automatic calibration for each sample, an audible on/off alarm to signal the end of the test, and a stain-resistant metal cabinet.

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