productThis company has introduced its G7 Glycohemoglobin and Beta-thalassemia Analyzer. This instrument has a STAT access position that will accommodate either cup or tube for uninterrupted operation. Two other features that enhance the operation of this product are autoprime and auto pump clean. This analyzer features a small footprint of 21”L x 22”W x 19”H.
     The stable HbA1c result will print at 2.2 minutes post sampling. The Beta-thal results will print every 7.6 minutes with excellent resolution of peaks. The A2 and fetal peaks are quantitates.
     The sample racks provided with the system are Sysmex racks which will allow for convenience of operation for those laboratories using other Sysmex instrumentation. Primary sample tubes of various sizes, as well as sample cups, can be loaded randomly on the system. Cap piercing minimizes operator exposure.
TOSOH Bioscience, Inc.
Keywords: HbA1c, Beta-thalassemia