photo This company has information available on its line of Accustain stain reagents. Two of these products, Wright and Giemsa stains, are formulated by the company and can perform when used either manually or with automated stainers.
     Other hematology reagents from the line include May-Grunwald stain; reticulocyte stain; fetal hemoglobin; iron stain; Camco Stain Pak; Wright Stain Set for Hema-tek 1, 1000, 2000; phosphate buffer; Wright Stain for geometric data; and Wright stain, modified.
     Also offered are a variety of hematology and histology products including Histopaque-1077, Histopaque-1119, Accus-Pin tubes, phosphate buffered saline solution, RPMI-1640 Medium, absolute methanol, and a line of educational and reference books.
Sigma Diagnostics
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