Cobas E 411

Benchtop Analyzer

Roche Diagnostics, Basel, Switzerland, has released its next generation benchtop immunoassay analyzer: the cobas e 411. This analyzer, an integral part of Roche’s immunoassay portfolio, is designed to be a solution for the low- to midvolume immunoassay market. The analyzer optimizes operational efficiency by combining fast turnaround time and ease of use with proven, reliable Elecsys system technology. The analyzer can operate independently, as a dedicated stat analyzer, or as part of a networked clinical laboratory environment. The device provides results for critical assays—Troponin T, CK-MB, Myoglobin, and HCG—in as few as 9 minutes. The heart of the unit, like all Roche Diagnostics immunoassay analyzers, is electrochemiluminescence, or ECL. As a detection system, ECL technology delivers excellent low-end sensitivity and a broad dynamic range. It virtually eliminates unnecessary repeats and reruns, providing accurate results the first time.

Roche Diagnostics
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Traceable -100.0 RTD

Platinum Freezer Thermometer

Control Co, Friendswood, Tex, has released the new Traceable -100.0 RTD Platinum Freezer Thermometer, which accurately monitors temperatures in freezers, water baths, heating blocks, incubators, and refrigerators. It has a range of -99.9°C to 199.9°C, a resolution of 0.1°C, and an accuracy of ±2°C. A 10-foot ultrathin microcable permits freezer doors to close on it without affecting the seal. A fast-response 100-ohm platinum probe is triple purpose for use with liquids, air/gas, and frozen material. An adjustable probe holder, and fabric and magnetic strips, are provided to mount both the thermometer and the probe.

Control Co
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Single Slide Machine

GG&B Co, Wichita Falls, Tex, produces QS-AFB, which uses Rapid Modified Auramine O (SDL) stain and reduces process time to 90 to 120 seconds per test. This single-slide machine delivers quality and consistency for every test. Counterstain quenches fluorescence of all nonacid fast organisms and debris, resulting in a cleaner field of view. It is just as sensitive as other florescence-type auramine stains. Prefix the slide, touch the keypad, place the slide in the chamber, push a button, and that’s it. Once staining is complete, remove the slide, wipe the back side, dry, and view. QS-AFB uses fresh reagent on each specimen, cleans the chamber after each test, and requires no daily maintenance.

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Palm MicroBeam

Noncontact Microdissection

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, Bernried, Germany, has unveiled the Palm MicroBeam, a system that makes noncontact laser microdissection even more flexible and reliable. The noncontact and, hence, contamination-free isolation of homogeneous specimens from tissue, or the acquisition of living cells, allows the molecular analysis of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Flexibility and efficiency offer new possibilities to scientists working not only in the pharmaceutical industry and life science research, but also in forensics and plant research. The system is based on the Axio Observer research microscope introduced by the company in October 2006. The gentle handling of living cells, from preparation and cutting right up to catapulting, is guaranteed. In addition, working with Palm MicroBeam is enhanced by new image-analysis techniques such as multichannel fluorescence and extended focus. Details become visible by superposition of images.

Carl Zeiss MicroImaging
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WebResult View

Web-Based Reporting Product

The new WebResultView Web-based reporting product is available from CSS Laboratory Information Systems. The secure Web portal product provides reporting using a standard Web browser to access current and archived patient-result data. All reporting data is converted into a SQL database by CSS for reporting, statistical, and medical records interfacing. WebResultView is compatible with all CSS clients running version 8.0 of the LIS software. Most LIS systems with HL-7 or other export options can be interfaced with the new product.

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