CombiMatrix Corporation announces that a retrospective, clinical validation study of its test for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is to be published in the September issue of the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. This publication augments an earlier publication in the Expert Opinions in Molecular Diagnostics. Dr Shelly Gunn, MD, PhD Medical Director of CombiMatrix Molecular Diagnostics (CMDX), was the lead author of both publications.

The subject of both publications is the clinical evaluation and prognosis of CLL patients with CombiMatrix’s HemeScan™ test, compared to conventional testing. The conclusions indicate that the HemeScan test is superior for such evaluation and management of individual patients.

Dr Gunn noted, "These studies we have now published were retrospective in nature. Additionally, more recent data with the HemeScan test on currently diagnosed patients have demonstrated even greater superiority of the HemeScan test relative to traditional testing." Dr Gunn further added, "These data will be published soon, and we hope it will provide enough clinical evidence to help drive the adoption of the HemeScan test as a new standard for the evaluation and management of CLL patients.

Dr Ryan Robetorye, MD, PhD, Director of the Molecular Diagnostics and Clinical Genomics Laboratories at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio noted, "As a hematopathologist I am acutely aware of the limitations involved in applying traditional methodologies for the analysis of heterogeneous and complex malignancies and then attempting to use this limited information for subsequent patient management. CombiMatrix’s HemeScan test has demonstrated its superiority to conventional testing methods and has benefited many patients. I firmly believe that the suite of oncology tests offered by CombiMatrix will set a new standard for the analysis and risk-stratification of human malignancies. This will ultimately allow the most appropriate therapeutic regimens to be provided to patients."