A Homocysteine assay is now available on the Axsym platform using Fluorescence Polarization Immunoassay (FPIA) technology.
     The Axsym can perform 80 tests per hour (15 minutes STAT), and the inclusion of the Homocysteine assay in the Axsym menu can enhance workflow consolidation.
     The precision of this test is (<5.1 total %CV).
All reagents are ready-to-use to increase efficiency, and automated assay extraction saves laboratorian time. The automatic dilution protocol (1:10) extends the dynamic range to 500 mmol/L and the calibration curve is stable for a minimum of two weeks.
     The Axsym Homocysteine assay has excellent correlation with the IMx and HPLC Homocysteine results.
Abbott Laboratories
Keywords: cardiac markers