A new homocysteine reagent from Carolina Liquid Chemistries is available in Flex® cartridges for use on the Dade Behring Dimension® ARx, RxL, and Xpand™ analyzers. The newly developed recombinant enzymatic assay amplifies the homocysteine molecule, allowing typical precision of 2% and linearity to 50 mL, correlating 1:1 with HPLC and fluorescence polarization methods. Onboard stability is 30 days, and each 140-test kit contains two, 70 prefilled Flex® cartridges and a calibrator.
     On the Dade Behring Dimension system, homocysteine yields first result in 10 minutes, with a throughput of more than 500 tests per hour. By consolidating homocysteine with other cardiac risk-assessment tests on Dade Behring systems, workstation consolidation is achieved and sample splitting is eliminated.

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