photo The quantification of immunoglobulin in serum is important for the diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of chronic liver disease, infectious disease, lymphocytosis, multiple myeloma, primary and secondary immune failure.
     This IgG II-HA test is a specific reagent based on a turbidimetric immunoassay in which a sample is mixed with the Buffer solution and Anti IgG. IgG in the sample combines with anti-human IgG antibody in the Anti-IgG to yield an insoluble aggregate that causes increased turbidity. The degree of turbidity can be measured optically and is proportional to the amount of IgG in the sample.
     The total precision studies give a 1.0 percent CV and 1.2 percent CV at mean concentrations of 334.7 and 3274.5mg/dL, respectively. The linearity is up to 5000mg/dL; its lower limit detection is 62mg/dL.
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Keyword: assay, IgG II-HA