PolyScience has released three redesigned low-temperature coolers that can achieve low-temperature capability with nonrefrigerated circulators or boost the cooling capacity of refrigerated circulators. Designed to provide continuous cooling to temperatures as low as -100ÞC, the VLT series immersion coolers provide laboratory personnel with an economical alternative to dry ice and liquid nitrogen, and are ideal for use with solvent traps, freeze-point apparatuses, impact testing, lyohilization, and other applications that require low temperatures. VLT 100 series coolers feature a digital temperature display, and are available with or without temperature control. The noncontrolled models operate at maximum cooling and can achieve temperatures from -40Þ to -100ÞC; the temperature-controlled models can achieve temperatures from -40Þ to -85ÞC. The VLT 60, designed for less-demanding laboratory applications, has a temperature range of -20Þ to -60ÞC and operates at maximum cooling capacity. A rigid coil probe is standard on all units; flexible and cold-finger probes are available as options on the VLT 100.

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