Logo ImmucorImmucor Inc, Norcross, Ga, which specializes in providing automated instrument-reagent systems to the blood transfusion industry, is acquiring the LIFECODES business from Hologic Inc, Bedford, Mass.

The LIFECODES business specializes in pretransplant human leukocyte antigen (HLA) typing and screening to ensure the most compatible match between patient and donor, as well as post-transplant patient monitoring to aid in the identification of graft rejection.

LIFECODES, which also offers other immune-monitoring products, was previously was a part of the Gen-Probe Inc, San Diego, portfolio. Hologic acquired Gen-Probe in August 2012.

“Everything we do at Immucor is about helping anyone who needs blood get the right blood safely,” says William A. Hawkins, president and CEO, Immucor. “The LIFECODES business will extend our mission to organs and stem cells.”

Hawkins says the company will be well-positioned to help both transfusion centers and HLA labs worldwide improve patient safety by ensuring the most compatible transfusion and transplantation.

The transaction is expected to close in the first calendar quarter of 2013. The agreement says Immucor will purchase the outstanding shares of the LIFECODES business for $85 million in cash, plus an earn-out provision totaling $10 million in cash based on the achievement of certain financial targets in calendar 2013.

[Source: Immucor]