pn01.jpg (9511 bytes)The Harmony INR monitoring System is intended for weekly home INR testing by patients who take the oral anticoagulation medication warfarin, to prevent life-threatening blood clots and strokes. Patients taking warfarin must be carefully regulated in order to maintain a target INR range (International Normalized Ratios, the standard for measurement of blood clotting time to provide maximum therapeutic benefit).
     Using the Harmony system, the patient applies a drop of blood (20 microliters) from a fingerstick to a disposable test strip that is read by the product’s portable monitor, which stores up to 75 test results. Appearing in 90 seconds, the results can then be read to a doctor over the telephone. The patient can store the test strips at room temperature and no refrigeration is required.
     The Harmony system is available by prescription only.
Keywords: home monitoring, warfarin