Imaging System

Confocal laser scanning microscope

The LSM 780 from Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC, a subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Inc, Thornwood, NY, has an almost doubled rate of sensitivity and counting and increased speed and image quality that lets the user analyze single molecules at a new level. The confocal laser scanning microscope features a high-sensitivity GaAsP detector, software functions for single molecule and high dynamic range imaging, and a 355-nm CW laser. Featuring an advanced internal spectral detector, the LSM 780 is able to show the whole color spectrum of dyes without any extra settings. This new feature provides the added benefits of saving the operator time and reducing data volume.

Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC
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Analytical and Precision Balances

Efficient weighing instrument

The OHAUS Explorer analytical and precision balances from OHAUS Corp, Parsippany, NJ, provide a practical, efficient weighing instrument in the lab. In the intuitive software package, the color VGA display uses simple, icon-based menu navigation, which is broadcast on its high-resolution 5.7-inch color TFT display for highly readable operation. The resistive touch screen display quickly responds to an operator’s touch or stylus to trigger any of the balance’s 14 built-in applications with customization capabilities. The balance also provides minimum weight capability with a visual warning feature when the weight is below the user-set minimum. With a virtual QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad, lab technicians can quickly input GLP and GMP data and other application data, utilizing user manager and administrator functions.

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Microvolume Spectrophotometer

Local-control instrument

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduces the NanoDrop Lite, a compact, personal UV-Vis microvolume spectrophotometer that complements full-featured NanoDrop 2000/2000c and NanoDrop 8000 instruments. It offers rapid, accurate, and reproducible microvolume measurements without the need for dilutions, and uses the same sample-retention technology as that of other NanoDrop instruments. Features include local control and an optional docking printer (sold separately) that prints freezer-compatible, adhesive labels. The NanoDrop Lite can measure nucleic acid and protein concentration in sample sizes between 1.0 and 2.0 µL and can measure 260/280 ratios for nucleic acids.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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