RFID-Enabled, Ultra Low-Temperature Freezer

Offers 14.9 cubic feet of storage space

Terso Solutions Inc, Madison, Wis, has expanded its line of RFID-enabled enclosures with the addition of an RFID-enabled Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezer that is suited for clinical labs. The new freezer makes better use of freezer space, reduces manual processes, lowers maintenance costs, and protects high-value products such as tissue, biosamples, genetic material, and reagents. The new freezer has 14.9 cubic feet of storage space and can store products down to -86°C. RFID technology enables the freezer to capture inventory transactions at the item level by user. In addition, the new freezer monitors temperature and expiration dates, and can also trigger alarms when freezer doors are left open. Using secure access, each inventory transaction is automatically captured and processed in real time. The data can then be analyzed to track product usage, improve workflows, and help you make better business decisions.

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