CytoPlus Clip and CytoPlus Clip Accel

Two new cytocentrifugation options

Helmer, Noblesville, Ind, offers two new cytocentrifugation options with the addition of the CytoPlus Clip and CytoPlus Clip Accel packages. These new Cyto packages are flexible, simple, and capable of producing a thin monolayer of cells with either wet or dry sediment preparation. Both packages feature a 12-place quick-release clip rotor that is easily removed for fast and efficient processing. Each package accommodates volumes up to 4.8 mL and has a maximum RPM of 2,000 and RCF of 474. The Clip Accel package includes the Universal 320 centrifuge, and the Clip package includes the Rotofix 32A centrifuge. Both packages include the rotor, funnels (with filter card attached), and single-coated slides. Additionally, four-place, eight-place, and 12-place rotors are available in standard, quick release, and closed varieties.

Helmer Inc
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Sedi-fast ESR Analyzers

Read multiple sed-rate samples simultaneously

Diagnostic Systems, Warwick, RI, has recently become the US distributor for the complete line of Sedi-fast automated ESR analyzers. The analyzers read multiple sed-rate samples simultaneously. The Sedi-fast 2 model provides results in 8 minutes and uses only 0.65 mL of specimen. Sedi-fast 16, Sedi-fast 64, and Sedi-fast 100 models provide results in 15 minutes using 0.8 mL of specimen. These random-access analyzers are suitable for any volume of specimen testing from low-volume to high-capacity specimens, and are designed for hospitals, reference laboratories, POLs, and clinics. Sedi-fast analyzers use plastic vacuum tubes encoded with lot number and expiration date.

Digital Systems
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Selective wavelength photodiode

Opto Diode Corp, Newbury Park, Calif, now offers the third in the series of new selective-wavelength photodiodes, the ODD-660W. The new device operates from 550 nm to 720 nm with peak response at 660 nm, and features a spectral bandwidth of 80 nm. The hermetically sealed photodiode offers extremely low dark current without the need for optical filters. Applications for the new photodetector include fluorescence detection, color sensors, daylight sensors, light barriers, and medical diagnostics. The standard TO-46 can permits easy installation into existing or new systems. Storage and operating parameters range from -30°C to 85°C, with a lead soldering temperature of up to 260°C.

Opto Diode Corp
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MassARRAY Compact

Allows researchers to run fewer samples

SEQUENOM, San Diego, now offers its MassARRAY Compact 96 system, designed to address the needs of lower-throughput labs by allowing researchers to cost-effectively run fewer samples at a time. The system delivers highly sensitive and specific mass spec-based detection of low-frequency mutations that can go undetected using conventional techniques. The technology allows researchers to generate assays against any biomarkers they desire to validate, and quickly and easily make changes to assays and biomarkers. MassARRAY technology supports key genomic applications, including single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, quantitative gene expression, and copy number variation analysis, providing a multifaceted view of a researcher’s biological system of interest.

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Digital Light Source RS-5H

Spectrally programmable

Gamma Scientific, San Diego, introduces its new digital light source RS-5H, with an improved life span over traditional light sources, such as tungsten, xenon, and metal halide. Developed to simplify the testing and calibration of a variety of optical instruments, the high-powered, color-tunable light source features 16-bit linear digital brightness control. Gamma’s unique light source is spectrally programmable with simple commands; the color and brightness are digitally controlled and can be changed in a matter of milliseconds. The system can output saturated blue, green, and red. Depending on the configuration and customer requirements, users can achieve brightness levels of thousands of lux. It can also simulate a number of different illuminants, including illuminants A, C, D65, and E.

Gamma Scientific
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