Orchard Harvest

Automation and integration made easy

Orchard Software, Carmel, Ind, has provided the LIS for hundreds of clinical laboratories across the country — including all types and sizes of multisite and multispecialty clinics and physician’s-office laboratories, hospitals, regional reference labs, student health service centers, and public health organizations. The award-winning Orchard Harvest LIS uses process automation; robust instrument, billing, EMR, and reference laboratory interfaces; and rules-based technology to address regulatory and integration issues and simplify laboratory workflow. Harvest LIS improves reimbursements and simplifies medical necessity validation by automatically screening ICD-9 codes, testing frequency, and experimental procedures during order entry. As a stand-alone laboratory system, Orchard specializes in seamless integration, which makes host system, EMR, billing, and reference laboratory interfaces routine, and linking multiple sites possible. Harvest LIS microbiology and anatomic pathology modules eliminate paper and electronically integrate these departments with the rest of the laboratory. For remote order entry and results delivery via the Internet, Orchard offers various outreach solutions.

Orchard Software Corp
(800) 856-1948; www.orchardsoft.com

FFlex eSuite

Web-based technology

FFlex eSuite is the latest addition to the growing line of Fletcher Flora, Anaheim, Calif, Web-based LIS solutions for the clinical laboratory. Designed to meet the special needs of today’s independent laboratory, FFlex eSuite LIS employs a building-block approach offering comprehensive LIS solutions to any size laboratory, from small clinics and group practices to the largest multifacility reference laboratories. The system offers comprehensive Web-based patient registration and order entry, medical necessity checking with advanced beneficiary notifications, and extensive sample-tracking systems. All FFlex eSuite implementations use FFlexConnect, the company’s exclusive interface engine that connects multiple instruments, printing devices, and third-party systems such as electronic medical records, practice management, and billing systems from any location to the LIS in the main laboratory. The core technology and all modules are Web based, with proven core software technology facilitating secure deployments over a network or the Internet. Until the end of the month, Fletcher Flora is offering a promotional discount of up to 50% off a new FFlex eSuite system.

(800) 777-1471; www.fletcher-flora.com

e.lixa modules

LIS Extension Software

Psyche Systems has expanded its e.lixa suite of LIS extension applications, which represents a new class of laboratory software designed to add new functionality to a laboratory’s existing LIS. A laboratory can select one or all of e.lixa’s modules based on its particular need—to handle new types of molecular or genetic testing, enhance the marketability of its services to gain or retain new clients, or to more easily address compliance requirements. The modules give the laboratory the tools it needs to meet new business demands without the cost and complexity of an upgrade or new LIS. At its core, e.lixa operates a powerful Microsoft SQL relational database designed to hold all current and historic patient and specimen information. It enables laboratory staff to leverage tools such as e.inquiry and e.charts to quickly and easily generate detailed statistical and patient result reports with colorful graphs for more meaningful analysis of any parameter recorded by the laboratory. With e.reports and e.orders, physicians can place test orders and receive results online through a secure Web page from any PC. As a hosted service, e.lixa’s powerful database is replicated in real time with the laboratory’s current LIS database to allow detailed analysis of the most current patient information captured, and it serves as an off-site data backup.

Psyche Systems
(800) 345-1514; www.psychesystems.com


Flexible and adaptable

LabDAQ Laboratory Information System from Antek Healthware, Baltimore, can be found in virtually every clinical laboratory environment and can easily meet the needs of hospital, clinic, physician’s office, and reference laboratories. It is a flexible system, with the ability to grow and change with the laboratory. LabDAQ is designed to help effectively manage laboratory data and resources. Key features include a comprehensive quality control module, medical necessity, security tools, and connectivity to other systems or reference laboratories. LabDAQ also offers consolidated and cumulative patient reports, quality assurance functions, and sophisticated management tools. LabDAQ now offers an LIS solution for both large clinics and community hospitals, called LabDAQ+. LabDAQ+ was designed with powerful tools such as DAQdash, which shows important laboratory information in real time; DAQ·IT, an early-warning system that keeps network administrators and IT personnel informed of system status and functions; and DAQvantage, which provides access to lab mail, task lists, and a scheduler.

Antek HealthWare LLC
(800) 359-0911; www.AntekHealthWare.com

Freezerworks Unlimited 3.0

Batch processes for quick response

Freezerworks Unlimited by Dataworks Development, Mountlake Terrace, Wash, keeps track of specimen inventories from log-in to testing and shipping. Written and validated according to FDA guidelines for software development, this highly configurable program is designed to keep laboratories fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements and GLP. Sample log-in, labeling, tracking, testing, and storage is done with configurable data entry screens with user- defined data fields that interact with each other in relationships. Use these tools to create smart default entries, use color to highlight important data, make calculations based on combinations of other field entries and math expressions, create data entry restricted drop-down lists based on key field entries, and more. Screens and view lists are owned by groups, restricting access of sensitive information unless users or groups have access. Batch processes allow for quick specimen log-in of samples and aliquots, including freezer location assignment. Batch update and shipping features work with powerful searching features to locate, mark, and pull vials for testing or moving to another laboratory location for testing. Other features include bar-code label printing, reporting, import to create new or update existing records (e.g., test results), sub-aliquotting—the linking of a new sample aliquot developed from a parent aliquot, document and image linkage to sample records, and QC inventory check screens to scan vials and search for discrepancies.

Dataworks Development Inc
(425) 673-1974; www.freezerworks.com


Reduces time spent on tasks

SchuyLab is a reasonably priced, full-featured LIS developed by Schuyler House, Valencia, Calif. Fully scalable from a single station to a network of 50-plus stations, SchuyLab allows you to process as few as 30 specimens daily, or as many as 2,000. It employs the Windows XP operating platform and will run on any PC-based hardware using Windows. No laboratory ever has enough techs, or enough time—SchuyLab makes the best use of both. It helps in all daily tasks by interfacing instruments, monitoring QC, compiling worksheets and daily logs, and collating and printing patient results. The system will reduce errors, capture missed billing, and decrease overtime. Included in the base system are QC, management reports, reflex testing, turnaround time reports, and unlimited user-defined worksheets, tests, and panels. SchuyLab meets CLIA requirements for record keeping and is HIPAA compliant. Users can expand the base system with modular features: auto-faxing, medical necessity, secure Internet access for ordering and results, and the new SchuyMed EMR system. Integrated direct Medicare/Medicaid billing is available, as well as billing to insurance companies, clients, and billing consolidators.

Schuyler House
(800) 706-0266; www.schuylerhouse.com

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