LabCorpLaboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp®), Burlington, NC, reports its biorepository has received accreditation of by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). 

CAP’s inaugural accreditation program was developed to establish internationally-recognized best practices and quality standards for the collection, storage, and future analysis of biospecimens.

The LabCorp Biorepository, located in Kannapolis, NC, adjacent to the North Carolina Research Campus, is a world-class biological specimen storage facility opened in 2009.

Beyond simple storage capabilities, the biorepository offers well-annotated, consented specimens that are available for biomarker discovery efforts. Redundant backup systems, state-of-the-art validated informatics, and onsite nucleic acid extraction capabilities make the facility in demand for pharmaceutical and academic research specimen storage.

The CAP Biorepository Accreditation Program is a 3-year, peer-based accreditation program that was designed to strengthen the standard of patient care by ensuring the consistent, verifiable quality of biospecimens for clinical or research purposes. CAP accreditation requires passing a series of inspections that review procedures for patient consent and the collection of biospecimens, their processing and annotation, and their storage, transport and distribution.

 [Source: LabCorp]