productThe 401U/D1 pump provides single or multiple channels for precision metering between 0.01 mL to 120 mL per minute, making it ideal for perfusion applications. The ultrasmall footprint design, in addition to the manual and auto-analog speed control and remote switching options of the 401U/D1 allow for use in applications where space is at a premium.

The 401U/D1 provides low pulsation and an offset L head is available for pulse-free pumping. The pump is fitted with a 400 D pump head with a quick-release spring-loaded track, a four-roller rotor, and an adjustable occlusion lever for precise control of flow and pressure. The 401U/D1 holds a constant vacuum at low flow for error-free experiments, and the infinite occlusion setting allows for the use of fine tubing.

The pump complements existing pumps in the 400 series, offering all the normal advantages of peristaltic pumps, such as zero contaminators, sterility, easy cleaning, accurate metering, low shear, and smooth flow. It can also be fitted with Watson-Marlow Sta-Pure and Chem-Sure composite expanded PTFE tubing for unrivaled hygiene or chemical resistance.

Watson-Marlow Bredel