Leica Biosystems, Vista, Calif, introduces the Aperio AT2, its new image-capture device.

Leica copy“The Aperio AT2 provides the benefit of increasing efficiency by reducing the need for pathologists to travel or to ship slides,” says Jared N. Schwartz, MD, PhD, FCAP, Leica Biosystems’ chief medical officer. “Further, we’re pleased that the technology built into the Aperio AT2 reduces overhead and technician hours spent in front of the image-capture device, proven by the tissue-finding accuracy, focusing, automated magnification selection, and less than 2% rescan rate – all aimed to achieve a very high-sustained throughput.”

It also offers seamless integration with network sharing and precision decision-support tools that enhance laboratory efficiencies, reduce turnaround time, and improve analytic confidence.

“ePathology holds the promise of moving beyond ordinary reviews to truly collaborative pathology,” says Eric Glassy, MD, medical director, Pathology Inc, Torrance, Calif, and senior pathologist, APMG. “The old, passive hub-and-spoke mode of sending out glass slides and waiting for a fax will give way to a broadly linked digital network of experts. Instant access to the best minds in pathology is finally possible.”

JARED N. SCHWARTZ, MD, PhD, FCAP, serves as CLP‘s expert for Expert Insight/digital pathology. Click here to view Expert Insight.


[Source: Leica Biosystems]