When working with samples between 2 and 5 mL, lab technicians often have no choice but to use tubes that are designed for larger volumes.

The new Eppendorf Tube® 5.0 mL from Eppendorf North America Inc, Hauppauge, NY, now provides the ‘missing link’ for such samples, delivering a high-quality solution for volumes up to 5 mL.

Eppendorf 5mlTubeThe new tubes feature a practical and convenient snap-cap for single-hand operation and a compact conical design, removing the contamination risks associated with manipulating small volumes in large tubes.

They are designed for safe and stable centrifugation up to 25,000 x g, eliminating the risk of sample loss when using rapid protocols. Protein LoBind and DNA LoBind variants of the tubes further reduce sample loss by minimizing surface binding of the samples.

This extra security makes the tubes tailor-made for situations where there is a limited amount of source material. A new polypropylene material provides high transparency and minimizes leaching for safe and reproducible assay data.

The sample handling system created by Eppendorf Tubes 5.0 mL has a comprehensive line of accessories for centrifugation, heating, mixing, liquid handling, and storage.

rddaThe Eppendorf Tubes 5.0 mL and the Tube Rack 5.0 mL were awarded with the red dot design award 2013 that recognizes high product quality.

[Source: Eppendorf North America Inc]