productThis company is offering a complete line of febrile antigens to detect the presence of bacterial agglutinins associated with bacterial infection or previous exposure to a related organism.
     The febrile antigens are recommended for use in procedures to establish the presence of antibodies and, once the presence is established, to detect antibody tier.
     Antigens available include: Brucella melitensis, Brucella abortus, Paratyphoid A, B and C, Thyphoid H and O, Proteus OX19, OXK, OX2 and Salmonella O, Groups A, B and C. Febrile Polyvalent Positive and Negative Controls also are available to assure both that the bacterial antigen in use is capable of reacting with its homologous antibody and to show expected results in positive and negative serum specimens.
     Also offered are the Febrile Antigen test kit, the Rose Bengal test kit and the Widal test kit, which combine selected antigens with positive and negative controls.
Stanbio Laboratory
Keyword: antigen, febrile