photo Retic-Chex Linearity is assayed for the Abbott Cell-Dyn 3700 and Sysmex 3500, R-1000 and RAM-1.
      This control, which verifies the reportable range of automated reticulocyte counting instruments, is manufactured from human red blood cells and closely resembles patient samples.
     It is made for labs to establish the linearity of their instruments and to comply with calibration verification upon installation, after major instrument repair, and at regular intervals (every six months). The product, packaged as a 1.0mL fill, is available in four level kits (0-15 percent reticulocytes) and extended range five-level kits (0-24 percent reticulocytes). Ready-to-use, this product eliminates the task of concentrating and diluting fresh whole blood.
      Each kit includes an instrument- specific assay and a worksheet for documenting calibration verification. Open-vial stability is five days; closed-vial stability is 75 days. Data worksheets can be faxed or mailed to STATS, this company’s interlaboratory program.
Streck Laboratories
Keyword: control, reticulocyte, linearity