Continuing its diligent focus on patient safety, Mediware Information Systems Inc has announced the availability of a new system interface that will enable customers using the Company’s LifeTrak® blood donor management software to electronically transmit blood donation data to the US Biovigilance Network.

The network is a unique collaboration between the federal government and organizations involved in blood collection, transfusion, and tissue and organ transplantation medicine to share information and ideas to improve the overall safety of these processes. An inaugural supporter of the program, Mediware demonstrated its interface capabilities during the AABB’s annual conference held this past October.

Development of the US Biovigilance Network was initiated to provide core metrics for transfusion reactions and the use of biologics in patient care. The network’s goal is to collect comprehensive information from all suppliers and users of these biologic materials and enable detailed analysis that will ultimately help reduce adverse events associated with blood transfusion and related biological therapies.

"Electronic interfaces will enhance data accuracy and increase blood center participation in the national donor hemovigilance system," said Barbee I. Whitaker, PhD, who is director of data and special programs for AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks) and one of the primary partners in the development of the U.S. Biovigilance Network. "Blood center response to live demonstrations at
AABB’s 2009 Annual Meeting and TXPO in New Orleans was very enthusiastic, and we look forward to the system release in March 2010."

"We were pleased to be in a position to leverage our open technology to quickly deliver an interface that will help increase participation in this important industry campaign," said Noel Strong, Mediware’s vice president of research and development and chief technology officer.

Four components will eventually make up the U.S. Biovigilance Network: 1) the donor hemovigilance module, which will track adverse reactions associated with the donation process; 2) the hemovigilance module of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Healthcare Safety Network, which will track adverse events associated with transfusion of blood and blood components; 3) a tissue and organ adverse event reporting system; and 4) a cell therapy module.

Mediware’s interface occurs between the donor hemovigilance module and the company’s LifeTrak software; however, Mediware is actively working with subcommittees to design additional interfaces as specifications for the other modules are developed. Mediware expects to support the hemovigilance module of the NHSN with an interface to the Company’s market leading HCLL™ Transfusion software. Tissue and cell therapy data will be provided through an interface to the Company’s biologics management product, BiologiCare™.

"LifeTrak is used by some of the largest blood centers in the country and, by our estimates, collects most of the data desired by the Network," continued Mr. Strong. "Rather than having to re-key this information into the network’s systems, our customers will be able to point and click to participate in this important initiative without any additional labor or impact on their business."

Source: Mediware Information Systems