The liquid, ready-to-use Wako Autokit Micro Albumin assay uses an in vitro turbidimetric methodology to detect micro albumin in human urine. It can be automated using existing clinical chemistry instrumentation.
     The assay uses an anti-human albumin antibody that combines specifically with albumin in the sample. This mixture yields an insoluble aggregate. The amount of albumin is proportional to the turbidity in the sample and is measured optically at 700 nm. The within-run precision of the assay is 1.81% CV and 0.75% CV for mean concentrations of 4.97 micro g/mL and 105.81 micro g/mL respectively. Linearity of the assay extends up to 500 micro g/mL and the prozone phenomenon is not observed up to 10,000 micro g/mL.
    The micro albumin calibrator set contains five levels of calibrators and a two-level control set is available with target ranges of 40+8 micro g/mL and 100+20 micro g/mL for level 1 and level 2 respectively.
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