sl03.jpg (11936 bytes) The Agilent 1100 Series LC value system for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) has a small footprint and features a manual ejector with a Rheodyne seven-port sample injection valve.
     Among its features are an isocratic pump that gives stable retention times and a wide flow range (up to 10mL/min.) for broad HPLC applications; a variable wavelength detector for sensitivity and productivity; optics for maximum sensitivity; a PC, monitor and keyboard; dedicated software that includes a complete instrument-control and data-analysis package, installation verification and full system check-out software, online diagnostics, standard and customized report formats, LAN capabilities, HTML reporting options; a Windows-based interface; front access to modules; and a design that can deliver high uptime and consistent results in combination with early maintenance feedback.
     The starter bundle, designed for pharmaceutical QA/QC and general HPLC operators, contains the complete 1100 Series LC value system, installation and familiarization. Also included is an online tutorial, a quick-startup manual, built-in standard operating procedures for full system check-out, a pharmaceutical start-up kit, and online diagnostics and telephone support. Agilent Technologies