productThe new JavaLin Enhanced Microbiology Interface is a specialized version of the JavaLin Clinical Interface introduced late in 2002. The new version JavaLin is specially designed to address the common problems associated with integrating microbiology instruments and clinical information systems.
     This device is a standalone, Linux-based intelligent interface device that eliminates the need for terminal servers and centralized instrument manager applications simply to facilitate standardized instrument connections to an LIS. The JavaLin interface includes an embedded version of the company’s JresultNet Clinical Router Software and an interface engine application that processes analyzer communications directly into properly mapped HL7- or ASTM-compliant messaging, with no other hardware or applications are required.
     The JavaLin Enhanced Microbiology Interface includes a number of extended software elements designed specifically for microbiology instruments. The JavaLin EMI can capture every individual data field either produced or required by these analyzers and map them directly to standardized data records. The JavaLin EMI creates a robust HL7 or ASTM compliant record with defined positions for every data element as a default.
     In the event that some data fields are not mapped to the desired location as a default, the JavaLin EMI allows complete control over message mapping modifications. Individual data elements can be relocated to any desired position in the record. All this capability is contained within the LavaLin Enhanced Microbiology interface unit and does not require any additional hardware or software.
     Application software within the JavaLin EMI is Java based. Users can access the unit from remote locations via a locally loaded Java utility or via a GUI applet allowing browser-based access. An audit log tracks all access and activity. All connections to the JavaLin can be encrypted, as can the data in the unit’s internal database. The JavaLin offers HIPAA-compatible features that terminal server-based connections cannot.
     The JavaLin Enhanced Microbiology Interface is currently available for all MicroScan and bioMerieux Vitek instruments; others are in development. The unit can connect to microbiology instruments via serial or network-based connections.
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