The mobile S-2600 SEM microscope incorporates features comparable to high-level units such as automated filament saturation, stigmation, focus, contrast and brightness.
     In addition to eliminating the need to align final aperture, the microscope provides low-voltage performance and a high S/N ratio for rich image quality. Unlike instruments using back-scattered electron or BSE detectors limited to two operating modes, the S-2600 uses a BSE that operates in three modes: compositional, topographical and 3D.
     This microscope features simple operation and a Windows NT operating system overlaid with a tab-based GUI. Clicking the appropriate tab for a desired function automatically generates on-screen menus associated with that function. A click of the Help tab generates an on-screen video demonstration of maintenance procedures.
     The microscope, which can be used in educational institutions and service labs, is available in both conventional high-vacuum and variable-pressure versions. Options include this company’s Passive Capture Imaging system for the capture, storage and manipulation of high-quality digitized images.
Hitachi Scientific Instrument Division/Nissei Sangyo America
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