Gen-Probe Inc announced today that Carl W. Hull has formally succeeded the Company’s long-time leader, Henry L. Nordhoff, as chief executive officer (CEO). Mr. Hull, formerly Gen-Probe’s president and chief operating officer, also has joined the Company’s board of directors.

As first announced on March 23, Mr. Nordhoff retired as CEO yesterday. Mr. Nordhoff, who had served as Gen-Probe’s CEO since 1994, is now non-executive chairman following his re-election to the board at the Company’s annual meeting of stockholders last week.

"Hank Nordhoff has built a successful and dynamic company in his 15 years at the helm of Gen-Probe, and helped safeguard the health of literally millions of people worldwide through our blood screening and infectious disease testing products," Mr. Hull said. "I am honored by the opportunity to succeed him, and look forward to his continued guidance as chairman of our board."

Source: Gen-Probe Inc