productBeckman Coulter Inc has launched the LH 1500 series, a new line of hematology automation systems designed to increase laboratory efficiency, maximize labor resources, reduce errors, improve operator safety, and lower overall costs. Each system can manage the entire hematology testing process, from preanalytical sorting to postanalytical storage.

Currently, 12 standard configurations of the systems are available and include two to four COULTER® LH700 series hematology analyzers with or without integrated slide-making and slide-staining capabilities. Configurations may include an inlet unit with 200-tube capacity, outlet unit with 200-tube capacity, stockyard with 1,000-tube capacity, and LH connection units.

With the LH 1500 series, technologists place samples directly in the inlet. The tubes are then inserted automatically into individual carriers and routed to the appropriate hematology analyzer or outlet for non-CBC tests. Tubes for hematology testing are transferred to instrument cassettes, which are loaded into the analyzer by a robotic arm.

STAT samples can be added to the line at any time. The LH 1500 series can switch from automation mode to independent mode with full-feature capability, including the use of both cassette and manual modes.

After analysis, the tubes are automatically removed from the analyzer and sorted into the outlet or stockyard.