Clarient Diagnostic Services, Aliso Viejo, Calif, a GE Healthcare company, introduces a lab-developed test using MultiOmyx, a new pathology platform that assesses multiple proteins from a single tissue section at a single-cell level.

clarient-GEThis test, now available, offers an aid to a pathologist’s diagnosis of CD30-positive lymphoma cases with difficult morphology or otherwise insufficient tissue to adequately evaluate the case.

The Hodgkin Lymphoma Profile by MultiOmyx helps to assess nine unique antibodies (CD30, CD15, CD20, CD45, PAX5, OCT2, BOB1, CD3, and CD79A) on a single formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue section to aid in differential diagnosis of Classical HL.
In clinical validation, this single slide assay demonstrated high levels of accuracy, diagnostic reproducibility and repeatability, and high sensitivity of all immunofluorescent stains in comparison to traditional immunohistochemistry performed on the same samples, according to the company.

The platform uses fluorescence to provide quantitative analysis of antibodies and allows for up to 60 proteins to be examined on a single tissue sample. It creates a “digital map” of the tumor, giving each cell an “address” and allowing for a clear graphic representation of protein expression. Matching this map to known biosignatures may provide clinicians with a clearer view to aid the diagnosis.

It also allows them to identify patterns in the tissue by analyzing each cell and biomarker individually, or as a cluster and thus get a level of understanding of the biological process that could not be achieved via traditional methods, according to the company.

 [Source: GE Healthcare]