productA new range of accurately calibrated Nickel-Chrome (NiChrome) wire loops is now available from this company for performing quantitative specimen cultures.
     Two volumetric sizes are available, one micro-liter (1µl) and ten micro-liters (10µl). The accuracy can be checked and verified at any time during the long lifetime of the loop by using a special Go – No Go tool gauge supplied by the company that complies and corresponds with the FDA Drill Bit Method.
     These NiChrome loops are less expensive and more durable than traditional platinum-rhodium loops. The 80/20 Nickel/Chrome metal mix gives the loops flexibility, durability and rapid cooling following heat sterilization.
     The loops have totally smooth surfaces and will not cut or gouge through agar when streaking plate cultures.
Copan Diagnostics
Keywords: microbiology, supplies