)The new OPTI R compact blood gas analyzer from Osmetech uses a combination of maintenance-free sensor technology, intuitive graphic user interface, and automated system monitoring. The analyzer increases operator convenience; reduces time spent on blood gas testing; and delivers fast, reliable results.
    The analyzer’s convenient reusable sensor cassette is designed with the company’s time-tested OPTI CCA methodology that uses optical fluorescence to determine analyte concentration. One OPTI R sensor cassette can be used to analyze 50 patient samples, reducing operator-handling time. The cassettes, available in a variety of sizes for different testing-workload needs, can be stored at room temperature, eliminating time-consuming equilibration and logistic issues. In less than 1 minute, the analyzer provides results equivalent to traditional benchtop analyzers for pH, blood gas, Na, K, iCa, total hemoglobin, and oxygen saturation for immediate assessment of patient status. In addition, the direct measurement of total hemoglobin and SO2 provides more accurate results for bypass and dyshemoglobin patients.
     The color touch screen displays step-by-step illustrations to guide the operator. This not only reduces training time, but makes the OPTI R ideal for STAT environments with multiple users. With the touch of one button, the user can review the onboard database that stores patient and quality control (QC) records. Patient-traceability compliance is easy to accomplish with the built-in Ethernet port that can be used for sending data to the company’s data-management system, DataTrol, or to the hospital hospital information system/laboratory information system. Additionally, the data may be exported to the analyzer’s built-in compact flash card for easy import into a traditional computer database program such as Microsoft Excel®.
     To ensure reliable results and regulatory compliance, automated QC and complete system monitoring is an integral part of every OPTI R system. OPTI Quality Monitor (OQM) is an arrangement of software and sensors that collectively monitor the complete system status, automatically initiating and documenting corrective actions as needed. The OPTI R fluid pack contains three levels of liquid QC solution that are independent of the analyzer’s calibrators. QC can be programmed to automatically run at intervals that comply with local regulatory requirements. The fluid pack and sensor cassette lock in any waste disposal, protecting operators from unnecessary biohazard exposure during disposal. The waste in the fluid pack becomes gel, preventing any possible leakage.

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