Remel’s newest member of the Xpect® family, Xpect C. difficile Toxin A/B, detects both Toxin A and B in one rapid test. The simple-to-perform test requires no sample preparation, and results are available in 20 minutes.
     Xpect C. difficile Toxin A/B has been the subject of two independent studies presented at recent industry meetings. The first presentation was at the 2005 Clinical Virology Symposium in May. In that study, a 1,400-bed medical system presented results from a study comparing Xpect and another commercially available rapid test for the detection of C. difficile Toxin A and B. The author concluded that, “In our hands, we felt that the Xpect test was easier to perform and the visual result was easier to interpret.” At the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) meeting in June, one of the nation’s top hospitals presented a comparative study of cytotoxin assay, a microplate assay, and a commercially available rapid test for the detection of C. difficile Toxin A only. The authors concluded that, “Overall, the Xpect Clostridium difficile Toxin A/B test by Remel was found to be rapid, and easy to perform and interpret for the detection of C. difficile Toxin A and B.”
     The Remel Xpect family of rapid diagnostic test kits includes a wide range of rapid, direct specimen tests that combine exceptional performance with ease of use to bring convenience and time-savings to the laboratory. All tests provide accurate results within 15–20 minutes and a walk-away test procedure that requires less than 1 minute of hands-on time.
     Remel respiratory products include Xpect Flu A&B and Xpect RSV. Both can be performed on a variety of specimen types and are compatible with all commonly used specimen transports.
     Remel parasitology products include Xpect Giardia and Xpect Cryptosporidium, plus a combination test Xpect Giardia/Cryptosporidium for the two most frequent parasites detected in the lab. Reactions are color-coded for easy interpretation, and the test kits are compatible with a variety of specimen transports.

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