Pathway Genomics Corp, San Diego, has partnered with La Jolla, Calif, medical practice MD Revolution. MD Revolution is a clinical practice that systematically incorporates genomic and mobile health technologies into chronic disease management and prevention. Dr. Damani, a board-certified cardiologist who currently serves as the practice’s primary physician, has fully integrated Pathway Genomics‚ premier nutrigenetic test, Pathway Fit®, into his practice, and has experienced exceptionally positive results in patient outcomes.

"We have enrolled over 50 patients into one of our programs," Damani said. "Among patients that have completed the program, we found dramatic clinical and statistically significant improvements in at least one of four key health parameters including weight loss, visceral fat reduction, increases in metabolism, and allowable daily caloric intake." Other parameters have included improved blood pressure control and marked improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness as measured by sub-maximal VO2 (oxygen consumption) testing.

Through its patent pending processes, MD Revolution demonstrates how genomic and mobile health technologies can be leveraged for  clinical outcomes for adults of any age who have a range of health goals, from simply optimizing their health to treating chronic conditions such as diabetes.


[source: Pathway]